Mold Creation

 Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. takes tremendous pride in its production staff. Master craftsman-caliber moldmakers mean quality can be found in every detail. Their knowledge and experience in the industry is incomparable in today’s work force. Our specialty machinists are well-qualified to operate the high-tech machinery that speeds our production process. Final finishing is provided by our around the clock on-site polishing staff. Moldmaker and CNC apprentice programs run strong allowing a continual influx of up and coming skilled tradesman. Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. is built for now and the future. It has truly melded traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology in its mold building process. 

Injection Molding

 Whether you are looking for a one-time sample, a one year production run or a series of short term bridge runs to get you from mold build to your production run, Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. has the experience and equipment to service you.We also offer full production molding for short or long term requirements with full process monitoring capabilities. With the ability to process commodity or engineered materials along with our wide range of press sizes, we are flexible and agile while holding the highest level of customer service, performance, quality, and safety. Insert molding, thermoset injection molding, and small lot processing are where we excel. Along with molding; secondary operations, assembly, and order fulfillment services are also available.We pride ourselves on being independent throughout the manufacturing process which includes being able to sample the tools we build. Our line of thermoplastic injection molding presses ranging from 28 to 500 ton sets us apart from the rest. Sample services are available for fellow mold builders and repair shops as well. 


 Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. offers all of our capabilities as service work. Check out our Equipment List here. Whether it be one or a combination of a few of these services, Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. has the solution for you

  • Plastic Screw Machining Keeping in mind the increasing value and demand for plastic fasteners and screws, manufacturers are focusing on designing the same. Plastic fasteners are used for applications where thermal, weight, environmental, optical, chemical and electrical properties are of significant consideration for end use.​

  • CNC Milling  Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. milling techniques include cutters that move along with multiple axis and are capable of making various shapes, holes, and slots. These techniques ensure timely machining services for even a large bulk of production runs.​

  • Acrylic Fabrication We at Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. have employed varied facilities to give wonderful shapes and designs to acrylic and hence our professionals are capable of taking up exciting custom projects dealing with acrylic fabrication Our acrylic division provides custom acrylic fabrication solution in Illinois. These include acrylic displays designing, acrylic lighting solutions, and custom acrylic fixtures. 

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