Precision Plastic Screw Machining Solutions

Plastic fasteners are no less important than metal fasteners nowadays as the former is being used for multiple industrial applications. With similar dimensional thread class and suitable standards, threaded plastic fasteners include screws, bolts, studs, rods and nuts. The non-threaded varieties include Rivets, grommets, pin fasteners, retaining rings, inserts, clips, spacers, clamps, harnesses, wire bundlers, ties and quick-operating fasteners.

The plastic screw machining process plays a vital role when it comes to acquiring precision-made nylon screws of high quality and durability. For years, Sun Pattern Plastic Inc. has been successfully delivering plastic screw machining services in Illinois. We offer high performance plastic screws with unmatched accuracy and efficiency with the help of CNC screw machining methods.

Growing Importance of Plastic Screws

Keeping in mind the increasing value and demand for plastic fasteners and screws, manufacturers are focusing on designing the same. Plastic fasteners are used for applications where thermal, weight, environmental, optical, chemical and electrical properties are of significant consideration for end use. Apart from this, screws made of plastic materials meet a wide range of requirements and come with the following advantages:


Rigidity and flexibility


Temperature resistance

Good electrical properties

Corrosion resistance

Resistance to chemicals



Light weight

Less costly than metal screws

These are proving to be critical components for several electrical and electronic applications. Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. utilizes the latest in CNC screw machining systems to mold plastic parts into precise and high quality screws and fasteners

Plastic Injection Molding

Expertise in Plastic Injection Molding Technique

When it comes to plastic injection molding services, our expertise comes second to none. With a strategic emphasis on quality, we have been striving to meet customers' needs consistently. We are capable of handling multi-consignment projects and deliver the results to customers’ expectations. We have world-class techniques and talented team that allows us to meet our customers’ requirements on time every time.

Quality is Guaranteed!

Customers requiring high-quality plastic injection molding services across the USA, especially in Illinois, can fully rely on the solutions offered at Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. Every production run, be it a small or large project, is carried out paying close attention to details.

Contact us at the earliest to avail our plastic injection molding services to produce best quality products with a high tolerance level at an economical price range

Insert Molding and Custom Molding

Many parts require a metal fastener, grommet, connector, or other type of component to have plastic injection molded around.

At Sun Pattern Plastics Inc., we are very well versed with insert molding. Your business may provide your own inserts or we can source inserts that fit your needs. Our experience ranges from using very delicate stampings to large and robust inserts.

Insert Molding

Please contact us for detailed information or a quote on your insert molding needs.

No job is too large or too small. We specialize in small quantity runs and are also equipped for large runs. Whether you need 1 part or 1,000,000, we are happy to serve you. We are a custom mold shop and run fully automated tools or hand loaded tools. With presses from 20 ton to 500 ton, we are here to take care of all your injection molding needs

Custom Molding

If you are having trouble finding a molder who will work with you on difficult projects, look no further. We will work with you to customize a program that will fit your needs, regardless of the number of parts you want to order. We will also help you to find a solution for molding difficult to mold parts.

No job is too large or too small. We specialize in small quantity runs and are also equipped for large runs. Whether you need 1 part or 1,000,000, we are happy to serve you. We are a custom mold shop and run fully automated tools or hand loaded tools. With presses from 20 ton to 500 ton, we are here to take care of all your injection molding needs.

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

High-Quality Custom Acrylic Fabrication Solutions

Being a leading plastics supplier in the industry, Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. always believe in excellence and innovation. We have experience of working with more than 65 different plastic materials, and have gathered in-depth knowledge about the tendencies of each material when it undergoes machining.

We at Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. have employed varied facilities to give wonderful shapes and designs to acrylic and hence our professionals are capable of taking up exciting custom projects dealing with acrylic fabrication

Our acrylic division provides custom acrylic fabrication solution. These include acrylic displays designing, acrylic lighting solutions, and custom acrylic fixtures.

What is Acrylic and why is it popular?

The clear-glass like plastic that we often see in stores, showroom and malls, and point-of-purchase displays is Acrylic. In chemical language, it is known as poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) and commercially, it is called the acrylic glass. Certain preferable features and properties of acrylic have made it a better alternative than glass to produce different types of items.

Following are some of the most popular advantages of using acrylic instead of glass:

  • Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic, which is popular for being a lightweight, shatter-resistant, and durable.
  • Acrylic is also an economical alternative to glass when the items made out of them are not required to be heavy or strong.
  • The light weight of acrylic makes it an easily conveyable material.
  • The optical clarity of acrylic enhances its aesthetic appearance.
  • It can also be fabricated to meet tight tolerance requirements.
  • It can be given a gamut of coatings, such as frosted finish, screen printed finish, laser cut finish, and many others.
  • The appearance of acrylic can be highly accentuated with the use of LED lighting, which makes it versatile in terms of usage options.

CNC Plastic Milling Services

Sun Pattern Plastics Inc. is a highly reputed and credible company for providing the best CNC (computer numerical controlled) Milling solutions in the industry. Our rotating cylindrical cutting tools and wide array of milling machining make it possible for us to provide budget-friendly and precise CNC machining options.

Sun Pattern Plastic's milling techniques include cutters that move along with multiple axis and are capable of making various shapes, holes, and slots. These techniques ensure timely machining services for even a large bulk of production runs. We scrutinize the design plans at each and every level of machining. With our high-end CNC machine tools and various tried and tested techniques, we provide optimal results at the best price.

Features of Our CNC Plastic Milling Services is highly lauded by industry experts for custom plastic CNC milling services because of the following features:

  • We make use of the intricately designed state-of-the-art machines such as Hurco, Romi and Haas to produce some of the most complex CNC milled components.
  • We make cost effective and creative fixturing that allows us to save you time and money.
  • Our milling procedures are reinvented time and again for their betterment.
  • We have implemented production software for routing information on every job to ensure repeatability of quality parts every time.
  • We practice techniques such as solvent bonding, vapor bonding, secondary drilling, and tapping on molding parts to provide the best machining options.
  • Our tooling tolerances are up to +/-0.001 or even tighter
  • We specialize in prototype runs and production runs.

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